I had pizza for lunch and dinner yesterday.


Text hung with thread in a local park on the weekend.

Niall + harry

i decided that over my life time im gonna have three husbands

  1. he gonna be richer than god and so old he’s nearly a ghost
  2. i’m gonna wait so long for the rich dude to die i’m gonna be getting bitched at about my “maternal expiry date” so i’ll marry a ‘nice’ dude and have a couple kids. but by the time the kids fly the coop we’re gonna realise we aren’t happy and imma leave him for number three
  3. this dude is gonna be the love of my life or whatver. but i wasted so much time waiting for 1 to die and raising 2’s kids we only get like 5 years together before one of us carks it from age or illness

it’s a solid ass plan


My mom: “Hurry up, we have to go now!”

Me: “I’m coming…”



this is my new favourite gif


i have never noticed before today that spidey wasn’t real

still laughing about it 3 hours later